The Storm's Final Assault is an ended stroy arc, with the main plot being The Storm's final attack on Earth.  This story arc ended when The Storm was killed by PAAB-member Jarod.

Growing AnxiousEdit

Once The Glacier mentioned an upcoming, mysterious foe (Psypocalypse), The Storm waited to attack Earth after the being's descent, but increasingly gew tired of waiting.
Once Ethel won thier first football game, The Storm decided to attack Ethel directly in retaliation for his humiliating defeat at their hands.

Hurricane EbonyEdit

The Storm decided to take bodily form in the guise of a hurricane (named Hurricane Ebony), Earth's most devasting and powerful severe storm.  He began forming in the Gulf of Mexico and set his course straight to Ethel, gaining strength the longer he had to pass through.
During this time, The Storm killed around 40 people living in the minor outlying islands of the US, which caught the attention of The FBI, who previously had members stationed in Ethel.

Making LandfallEdit

When The Storm made landfall, he was met with heavy firepower from The FBI, who used heavy missles to disperse many of The Storm's outerlying clouds.  The Storm counterattacked with have winds, killing one member of The FBI, but also destroying their equipment and technology.  After this, The Storm quickly moved past the opposition, causing structural damage to many cities on his path to Ethel.

The Friday Night FightEdit

During the third home game of the 2012 football season, The Storm made his second direct attack on Ethel.  A mass of dark, powerful storm clouds approached Ethel, alerting AB, The Order, and The PAAB.
AB approached the coaches, who prepared to have the football team fight The Storm during halftime, should the EHS Band fail.  The Order decided to let the band risk their lives first, and then do what they needed to.

The Storm is KilledEdit

During halftime, the EHS Band made their way onto the field, and managed to destroy the clouds of The Storm using The Power of Music.  This attack crippled The Storm to one solitary cloud, which fled the football game.
The next Monday, The Storm attacked Ethel, hitting the school with torrents of rain and wind.  The PAAB discussed what to do, with the final plan being to somehow blow up the cloud.
During lunch, PAAB member Jarod discovered a cache of explosives in the janitor's garage.  He decided to take it upon himself to destroy The Storm.  The Storm was above the gym, begining to form a tornado when Jarod also made his way to the gym and detonated the explosives he could carry with him, killing himself and The Storm.
The series of events ended this story arc, but also led to the Ressurecting Jarod story arc.