The Hyperion Cube is a cube-shaped artifact of unknown age.  The cube has the ability to transport the user to a random universe, at any random point in that universe's time.  This ability makes it sought after by forces of both the Goodness and Badness alike.


The Hyperion Cube looks like an opaque-white cube with a blue-ish glow.  The corners are encased in a silver metal and two handles on opposing corners of the cube.  The cube is about 4 feet tall and wide.  It weighs about four hundred pounds, but instantly becomes seemingly weightless when in use.


The Hyperion Cube has the ability to grant those using it correctly trans-universal time travel, though the results are random and uncontrollable.  To use the cube, a person would have to grab at least one handle and focus on the cube, allowing it to become temporarily empowered for the transport.  It then opens a portal within itself to the universe of destination, pulling in the user.


It is unkown where the cube came from, who or what constructed it, how old it is, and how it has trans-universal travel capabilites.  It is presumed the cube was constructed in a universe far along its time, with many more technological and magical advancements than most, if not all other, universes.  The age of the Hyperion Cube, however, is much harder to comprehend, as the cube can transport through all of time.
During 2013, the Hyperion Cube was used by the FBI and the Order to send both Psypocalypse and the Cube from the Base universe to the Second-Floor parallel universe.