The Federal Bureau of Investigation, aslo known as the FBI, is an agency under the United States government. The FBI has hundreds of agents, some of which were tasked with investigating Ethel before the FBI and The Order consolidated.  Since the colsolidation, several agents have voiced their disapproval of The Order, though most still follow commands to help the cult.  With the creation of The Absence, however, The Order shows itself to still view The FBI as an enemy.
Members of the FBI
Name Specialty Status
Agent Wood Regulations Alive; Defected

Agent King

Ballistics Deceased
Agent Cheek Recruitment Deceased
Agent Woody Regulations Deceased
Agent Cope Training Deceased
Agent Rone Biology Alive
Agent Hardin Regulations Alive
Mallory (Agent X) Project Gevauden Alive
Agent Chester Anthropology Alive

History of MembersEdit

  • Agents Wood, King, and Cheek are sent to Ethel
  • Agent Wood joins The Order
  • Agent King and Agent Cheek are killed
  • Agent Woody is sent to Ethel
  • Mrs. Rone joins the FBI, becoming Agent Rone
  • Agent Woody is killed
  • Agent Cope is sent to Ethel
  • Agent Cope is killed
  • Agent Hardin is sent to Ethel
  • The FBI and The Order merge
  • Mallory becomes an agent in exchange for her volunteering for Project Gevauden, becoming Agent X
  • Agent Wood is pardoned for his betrayal
  • Agent Chester is sent to Ethel

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

All members of the FBI have basic skills acquired from training such as being skilled with a gun and basic investigative skills.  Each member also has a specialty that makes them useful for multiple scenarios.

Known Specialties:Edit

  • Regulations- Knowledge of legalities
  • Ballistics- Knowledge of firearms and bullets
  • Recruitment- Tasked with recruiting new members
  • Training- Tasked with training new members
  • Biology- Knowledge of life sciences
  • Project Gevauden- Involved with Project Gevauden
  • Anthropology- Knowledge of history and society

Major EnemiesEdit

  1. The Order (unknowingly)
  2. The Glacier
  3. The Storm (killed by PAAB-member Jarod)
  4. The PAAB (post-consolidation)
  5. Psypocalypse (sent by the FBI/Order to the Second-Floor universe)
  6. Phaser (sent to an unknown universe)

Alternate UniverseEdit

  • The Frostbitten Earth I
It is not mentioned what became of the FBI after the Glacier's absorbtion of Earth.
  • Twin Rivalry
The FBI is mentioned as having attempted to stop the Glacier and Order but failing.  The FBI was presumably disbanded.  After this, it is unknown what happened to the agents, though they were presumably killed or living on the run.  It should be noted that rather than being killed, Agent Cheek and Agent Woody are alive in this universe, having joined The Order of the Glacier, rather than Agent Wood, who was killed along with Agent King.
  • Second-Floor
It is unknown if The FBI exist in the Second-Floor.
  • The Absence
The FBI is not allied with The Order within the universe known as The Absence.  They are revealed to have dealt with Psypocalypse by obliterating him with extensive firepower.  The members working within EHS are slowly being hunt down by Mallory/Agent X, whom the FBI believes to be allied with them..