Story Arcs are the storylines that take place in the Ethelverse, whether they be in the main timeline or alternate universes.

Primary UniverseEdit

The following events have taken place or are currently taking place with the Base, the primary universe of the Ethelverse:

Ethel High School: Edit

In Ethel, Mississippi, a group of school students work together to fight against a sadistic cult and its nemesis, an ancient celestial god.

Seventh Grade (2009-2010) Edit

  • 7A. The First Semester- A group of seventh grade students at Ethel Attendance Center uncover the existence of a sinister cult of faculty members
  • 7B. It Nears- As the Glacier nears Earth, The Order becomes aware of the newly formed PAAB's efforts to stop the cult's upcoming mass sacrifice

Eighth Grade (2010-2011) Edit

  • 8A. Exsanguination- As The Order spreads its influence across Attala County, The PAAB discovers an ancient pit may lie underneath the school
  • 8B. Extermination- The Glacier utilizes a disciple to achieve its goals; a member of The Order begins looking to take out The PAAB using unconventional methods

Ninth Grade (2011-2012) Edit

  • 9A. Fractures- Personal issues threaten to split The PAAB as a new foe comes forth
  • 9B. My Turn to Darkness- Feeling betrayed, a member of The PAAB goes to The Order for answers about herself

Tenth Grade (2012-2013) Edit

  • 10A. Doomsday- The Order begrudgingly recruits new allies and begins targeting students in preparation for December 21, 2012
  • 10B. The Second-Semester War- The PAAB, The Order, the Glacier, and Psypocalypse go to war against one another

Eleventh Grade/Twelfth Grade (2013-2015) Edit

  • 11A. Homecoming- The Order, finding its hands tied by its new alliance, creates an alternate timeline, where The PAAB are pursued by an ally-turned-enemy
  • 11B. Our Fight- The PAAB prepares for AB's graduation
  • 12. Epilogue-


A government agency formed during the Cold War tracks down the location of powerful relics to arm the United States military.

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Parallel Universes and Alternate TimelinesEdit

Parallel Universes: Edit

The following events have taken place or are currently taking place in a universe different from, but existing parallel to, the Base:

Twin Rivalry

The PAAB splits into two factions following a devastating attack by the joined forces of The Order and The Glacier

The Gray Zone

The Gray Zone is the universe in which Leslie Smith and (later) Psypocalypse were sent to by The Order and CAMELOT's use of Hyperion technology.

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Alternate Timelines: Edit

The following stories take place in a timeline in which events transpired differently, resulting in outcomes greatly different from those of the original timeline: