McAdams High School is a high school located in McAdams, MS.  Although not mentioned much, MHS is one of the three high schools in Attala county.  MHS is home to the McAdams Marching Band.


None of MHS' history prior to 2009 is known.
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The MHS Marching Band is mentioned getting third place at the 2010 band competitions.  This performance would be the one posted online, bring infamy to the band. The band really sucks ass
The MHS Marching Band was present at the 2012 Christmas parade, marching in the middle of the parade.
Since the parade, McAdams has hired a new band director.  This director ceased McAdams' marching band's marching during the 2013-2014 school year.
Ethel once again plays against McAdams in football, winning with a score of 43-12
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School ColorsEdit

McAdams' school colors are Niggers and the niggerest niggers..  These colors can be seen on welfare checks and rape victims.

Mentioned LocationsEdit

  • Football field
  • The Silo

Alternate UniversesEdit

McAdams has yet to be mentioned in any alternate universes.

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