He is a now-ended story arc, with the main plot being the PAAB's investigation into the identity of 'He'.  This story arc was a plan set by an unknown member the Order to distract the PAAB from the Second-Semester War.  It is presumed the first Mr. Rodgers was responsible, as he hinted at knowing the PAAB was looking for the identity when he carried out his attack on them.  This story arc was dropped when the PAAB discovered there was no 'He'.

The DiscoveryEdit

After the Glacier's departure in the middle of the Second-Semester War, Matt and Jarod were in the library discussing what measures to take in the war. While talking, the two noted the word "He" etched into a table in the room. Matt looked under the table and discovered the combination "E004" written on the bottom of it and every other rectangular table in the room.


Matt and Jarod discussed what it could mean, and eventually decided to act on the assumption it was a message possibly regarding some foe the PAAB had faced or would be facing in the future.
Jarod had to go to class, but Jakob, Hanna, and Austin joined Matt, and the group asked Mrs. Hutch how old the tables were, and she revealed that the tables were easily over thirty years old. When asked about "E004", she revealed such a combination would represent where the tables came from.
With this information, Matt deducted the 'E' stood for "Ethel", and '004' would be a room number. When looking at a map, however, Austin pointed out there wasn't a room with such a number. The group asked Mrs. Hutch, who stated the room would of most likely been the library.


The next week, during Mr. Rodger's sixth period, he commanded the class to leave to the gym. When the students got up to leave, he told the PAAB-members in the room to remain seated and listen to what he had to say. Jakob, Austin, Payton, Hanna, and Curtis became immediately suspicious, knowing Mr. Rodgers was heavily involved in the Order. Mr. Rodgers then subtly taunted them that what they were looking for couldn't be found, presumably referring to the identity of 'He'.
After Mr. Rodger's unsuccessful attack, the students informed the rest of the PAAB what had been revealed to them. This series of events ended this story arc.